Goldbrand "expandable" Custom trailers  


E-mail us for information if you are interested in joining us on a comfortable ride into the future of light weight campers.



NEW!!! Video of bike and trailer on a small bumpy dirtroad (click here)

NEW!!! Video of bike and trailer in windy conditions (click here)

NEW!!! Video of roadtrip with camera mounted on the camper (click here)

Video of roadtrip at 120 km/hr (click here) 

3 Videos of mountaintrip with trailer (click here) 

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Swedish custom built quality campers or cargotrailers, in extreme lightweight exotic space age materials.

Can be designed to any specifications for car or motorcycle. We built to your countrys specific laws and regulations.

Target wheight for prototype # 3 is 100kg/220lbs. or lower.

 Tony Guldbrand   Phone + 46 - 70 - 545 66 24


Recessed skylight

Led Lights

Recessed electrical hook up

Recessed tinted windows

Solarpowered stainless steel fans, operate on battery at night

Recessed Nissan 200 SX spoilerlights

"Skirt" shaped after the lights for a perfect fit

The front spoiler "wind bulb" is 125cm wide and 100cm high but only weighs 2,5kg/5,5lbs it's 2mm thick

Recessed stainless steel doorhinges

360 degreeSwivel tongue

Chrome wheels are coming with low profile tires

Keep in mind that this is just a PROTOTYPE built strictly to test the size and weight after a solo motorcycle, NO 100% effort has been made to make a perfect finish, we simply put this unit together in 15 days to try it out on a 3 week vacation. MANY changes and upgrades will be made to this camper or taken in consideration for prototype 3.


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